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  logosmall About Me:  I am an avid toy collector and love just about anything related to the 1980s and I have been buying, collecting, and selling toys for over 20 years.    


About TFY:  Toys From Yesterday is intended to help you identify some of those toys you might still have so that you can sell them to me!



Why Sell To TFY:  Because it's simple, quick, and easy. Plus I pay a fair price and you don't have to do any of the work.




How To Get Started: Simple! Text or e-mail me pictures of what you have. You can also give me a call and we can chat about what you have. Either way, just reach out because I am always ready to buy!


Question: Do my toys actually have substantial value?
Answer: Yes! Often times more than you think.

Do you pick up, or do I bring them to you?
Answer: I prefer to pick up from where they toys are located, but people can also bring items to me.

Question: What if I live outside of your pick-up area?
Answer:For the right stuff, I will travel across the country!

What kind of toys are you looking for?
Answer: Check out the categories on the home page. Mostly 1980s toys. I even buy parts!

Do you pick and choose what you will buy from my collection?
Answer: No! I hardly ever buy a single item and always prefer to buy the entire lot/collection of toys.

What if I do not have the original boxes?
Answer: No worries! Most of the time I only buy loose items with their accessories and parts.

Do I have to have all of the parts that came with them?
Answer: No! However parts play a key role on the value of toys. Look everywhere to find all you can.